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Natural D.O. FOR OUR B.O.

AdrianneHo_Ursus_5We love to sweat but we don’t love to stink! Sweating is a natural process of the body. It helps get rid of wastes that are in our body as well as control body temperature. So it’s much better to use a natural deodorant instead of using an antiperspirant as it doesn’t interfere with the sweating process of our body. Instead it will kill the bacteria that is responsible for causing odor in our body. Studies show many over-the-counter deodorants and antiperspirants containing chemicals like Propylene Glycol, parabens, aluminum, and fragrance can potentially lead to cancer and Alzheimer’s. I’d rather have B.O. than mess with that! But luckily there are healthier natural options that keep us smelling right.

AdrianneHo_JasonsNaturalDeodorantJason’s Pure Natural Deodorant contains none of these harmful chemicals. It works by using natural substances like corn starch and baking soda to neutralize odor and grapefruit seed extract to kill odor-causing bacteria. So don’t sweat the bad stuff.

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Eye Of The Tiger

AdrianneHo_OrganicAveClarks_9Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Kajal Liner goes on smoothly, easily, and brings out your eyes immediately. Although it’s dark and long lasting it won’t stay on your eye as long as other liners, it’s easy to apply and clean off.

AdrianneHo_BobbiBrown_EyeLinerI run the liner very closely along my top lash line and sometimes inside the waterline of my eye to subtly bring out my eyes. Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Kajal Liner is very blendible making it more forgiving to an unsteady hand and easy to smoke. Perfect if you want to take your look from day to night or from workout to dancing!

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Duo For A Ho

AdrianneHo_AlphaLiner_4I was very excited when I found out that Nars brought back their Blush-Bronzer Duo. It’s incredibly flattering on any skin tone, the peachy-pink shimmer of Orgasm Blush highlights cheeks with a fresh, natural “back from a workout” flush, while the sheer light-brown golden shimmer of Laguna Bronzing Powder contours and adds warmth your skin may need in the dead of winter.

AdrianneHo_NARS_DuelBronzer Used individually or swirled together for multidimensional, natural radiance, Nars Blush Bronzer Duo makes skin look like it has a natural healthy glow from within. It’s great having the option to control the amount of bronzer vs. blush when applying your make up.

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Prize for the Eyes

AdrianneHo_Nike_TechPack_Cape_4 I’m a believer that just because you’re on a mission to sweat doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style or beauty. I love accentuating my eyes and if I know I’ll be working out I’ll still do so but with a more neutral eyeshadow palette. SweatTheStyle_SmashBoxSoftBox Smashbox Photo Op Eye Shadow Palette in Softbox II is one of the eyeshadow colour palettes I love to use. I’ll apply it either with the brush it comes with or one of the many brushes from the Smoke Machine Smokey Eye Brush Set from Sephora. The trick is to use the darker shades closer to your lash line and blend it up with lighter colours toward your brows. I also like to sweep a bit of colour below my bottom lashes to bring them out. Bobbi Brown Sequin Shimmer Brick Eye Palette is another eye shadow that works really well because the colour and shimmer leaves a subtle tint that stays on the lids even after a workout.

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AdrianneHo_reigningChampHoodie_1Regular shampoo can wreak havoc on not only our hair but also our bodies. Most contain harmful and synthetic chemicals that are absorbed through our skin’s pores, while stripping our scalp and hair of its natural oils. Through regular washing we are constantly inviting harmful chemicals into our bodies.
SweatTheStyle_AcureShampoo_BeautyOnce I started using Acure natural organic shampoo and conditioner which don’t contain these harmful chemicals, my hair started feeling less damaged and weighed down. The organic Argan Oil + Argan Stem Cells, CoQ10, and Organic Sean Buckthorn Oil (high in Omega 7) keep my hair moisturized. Pumpkin Seed Oil (high in Omega-3 & 6 fatty acids) add the shine I love while preventing build up around the roots.

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Show Some Love With A Scrub


Fahim Kassam

Your feet carry all the weight of your body and take you everywhere you need to go, so show some love! This Bamboo Foot Brush and Pumice stone from EcoTools is great to do just that. The brushing feels amazing on the sole of your feet and around your toes as the stone removes dry skin. There are also many points on your feet that correspond to your health so it’s good to get some circulation going around there.

SweatTheStyle_BoroKimono_PumiceFootScrub Here’s my routine to keep my feet soft and feeling good.
1. The first step is to soften up the skin. The best way to do this is to soak your feet in warm water that has a few drops of soap. I use Peter Thomas Roth Mega-Rich Body Wash. Soak your feet for five to ten minutes, until the skin has softened. You can skip the soak if you’re going to use the brush in the shower.
2. The next step is to dip the Foot Brush and Pumice Stone in the soapy water to get it wet.
3. Gradually rub the pumice stone around your heels back and forth. Alternate between brush side and stone side.
4. Rinse and repeat until your feet feel smooth and new.
5. Moisturize with Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Ultra Hydrating Body Butter.
6 Put on some thick socks, kick back , and relax!

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Daily Soft Skin Scrub

AdrianneHo_Patagonia_Snow_3Cozy days are the days you especially want to have soft skin. My routine to soften and moisturize my skin is all natural, fast, easy, and gentle enough to do daily. 

After a hot shower when your skin has softened from the steam and warm water, wash your face with Dr. Bronners Castille Soap and then lightly scrub with a loofah pad. When your face is still wet mix Jojoba oil with a drop of Neroli oil and massage into skin. Only put these type of oils on while your skin is still wet because your open pores will absorb the moisture and oils evenly and fully nourish your skin.

Sweatthestyle_SoftenSkin_BeautyLoofah Pad: Eco Tools
Soap: Dr. Bronners
Neroli Oil: Acura Cacia
Jojoba Oil: Desert Essence 

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Tea Tree Oil


Fahim Kassam

It’s easy to get breakouts with the change of seasons, environments, and stress levels. I like to roll on Dessert Essence Tea Tree Oil when I feel like I’m about to break out. The great thing about using natural products is that it’s impossible to get adverse reactions from applying it. Because the skin is the body’s largest organ I always take extra precaution to use natural products so it’s completely safe when it’s absorbed.

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AdrianneHo_Nike_3M_6I like to run but that doesn’t mean I want my mascara to. Tarte waterproof Lights, Camera, Lashe mascara holds curl and won’t smudge on even the nastiest of days.

SWEATTHESTYLE_BEAUTY_TARTEMASCARATarte Lights, Camera, Lashes contain rice bran wax that helps lengthen lashes, Olive esters that treat and protect them, and Provitamin B5 that thickens them. Because I wear contact lenses I’m always aware of what kind of makeup I put on my eyes. Tarte mascara doesn’t contain sulfates, synthetic dye, phthalates, and is mostly all natural.  

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