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SweatTheStyle_Camelia_ChristinaPaik_4SweatTheStyle_Camelia_ChristinaPaik_6SweatTheStyle_Camelia_ChristinaPaik_7 SweatTheStyle_Camelia_ChristinaPaik_3There’s no rain checking style for Camélia from France. Hitting the streets of New York she drapes a  Veronique Branquinho coat over a Nike sports bra and a navy pleated skirt while finishing off the look with Air Force 1’s and a white Supreme camp cap. Tomboy style with a feminine twist.

Who do you sweat?
What do you sweat?
Fortitude, power and possibilities
Where do you sweat?
In the air
When do you sweat?
During processing
How do you sweat?
By pushing back the frontiers
Why do you sweat?
To be reborn


Christina Paik

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Helios Thermos

AdrianneHo_SupremeCherry_2 Soup season has arrived…
SweatTheStyle_SupremeThermosWhat better way to bring healthy homemade soups to school or work than in a thermos. It’s easy to carry around and will keep the temperature constant. Consuming local ingredients that grow in the cooler months help you get the necessary nutrients that better equip the body to handle the change of seasons. So a few good soup recipes will go a long way this winter.

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Get A Grip

AdrianneHo_VintageNikeWindbreaker_4 Jokes aside having good grip and forearm strength improves everyday movement and activities. Hand Grips help build and develop strength in wrists and forearms. Traditionally they are used by boxers so they can handle stress on the wrists and forearms. This strength is utilized daily while lifting objects, driving, and playing sports like tennis or hockey.
SweatTheStyle_SupremeGrip Hold the gripper and try to close it as many times as you can. Record how long it took. Repeat on the other hand. Make sure to grip for the same amount of time on each hand.

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