Health & Wellness
Get Your Fill of Chlorophyll

AdrianneHo_Ursus_3Chlorophyll neutralizes toxins, improves skin problems, controls sugar cravings, clears cold sores, kills infections, slows down aging, and even acts as a natural deodorant. That’s doing a lot! Chlorophyll can be taken in liquid form, mint dropscapsules, but it’s also found naturally in wheatgrass juice.

AdrianneHo_Liquiteria_GrasshopperMy favourite way to get in my chlorophyll fix is from The Grasshopper juice at Liquiteria. Its delicious mix of fruit juices, mint, and wheatgrass give you all the benefits along with a sweet taste. Next time you make or buy a juice I suggest adding a little wheatgrass to get your fill of chlorophyll.

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Food & Drink
Bad B*tches Drink Green Juice

SweatTheStyle_Liquiteria_AllGreensWithApple Liquiteria is the first juice bar I ever visited in New York City. I love how the juice ingredients are short, uncomplicated and how they keep their selection small. The All Greens With Apple, Lemon, and Ginger is my favourite juice. It provides the maximum benefits from the green veggies, plus a bit a sweetness and kick from the apple, lemon, and ginger. If you’re not visiting Manhattan anytime soon I suggest trying my Green Buzz recipe at home for a taste of NYC.

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