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Sweat the Look
Kapital Bones Brigade

Kapital Fleecy Knit Bivouac Big Skeleton Bones Sweatshirt
Kapital Camouflage Patchwork Pants
Kapital 56 Yarns Kogin Grandrelle Ecru Socks
Visvim Contrary Dept Christo Olive Camouflage Sandal

Adrianne Ho photographed in her home neighborhood of Silver Lake, Los Angeles, California

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Sweat the Look
Adrianne Ho in Kozy Kapital

Kapital Damask Fleece Zip Jacket
Kapital Damask Fleece Easy Pants
Kapital 96 Yarns Cowichan Socks
Visvim Christo Black Sandals
Supreme Raffia Black Tote Bag

Adrianne Ho at her home in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, California

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Visvim FBT

AdrianneHo_SupremeBoro_4AdrianneHo_SupremeBoro_8The Visvim FBT is a unique example of how modernizing a classic silhouette for performance and style can create a whole new product, aesthetic, and sensibility. SweatTheStyle_VisvimFBT_GeoP.WInspired by traditional Native American moccasins, the FBT goes one step further by updating the design with a sneaker outsole making it wearable in the city. Combining function and tradition for both urban and natural environments is what makes the Visvim FBT one of the most groundbreaking footwear products in the last decade. Comfort and style are key which makes Visvim FBTs a perfect fit.

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