Kaitlyn’s Speed Ladder Drill

SweatTheStyle_KaitlynFitzpatrick_12We all get bored with our workout routines from time to time. It’s important to change it up and challenge yourself by trying something new. Your body will thank you for it. The Speed Ladder Drill is traditionally used for soccer training but the benefits apply to everyone. The purpose of this drill is to improve footwork which will increase quickness, agility, and coordination.

SweatTheStyle_KaitlynFitzpatrick_8Focus on form and then increase speed. Weave feet in and out of the ladder before moving forward. Push off the balls of your feet (not the toes), pump your hands from shoulder height to hips, keep your elbows at 90 degrees. Don’t forget to keep your body relaxed, straight, and always look forward.
Be sure to warm up with a short jog and a stretch.

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Sweat The Crew
Kaitlyn Fitzpatrick

SweatTheStyle_KaitlynFitzpatrick_1SweatTheStyle_KaitlynFitzpatrick_5SweatTheStyle_KaitlynFitzpatrick_4SweatTheStyle_KaitlynFitzpatrick_6 Who’s the beautiful brunette modelling the new Sweat x Sweat The Style collection online? It’s Berkley University Alumni, national soccer player, and model, Sweat The Style girl Kaitlyn Fitzpatrick. Playing junior and collegiate soccer gave her the disciplined foundation of an active lifestyle. She craves movement daily and makes sure to sweat whenever she can… rain or shine. Today she hits the field, juggling before her classic soccer drills to stay fit and on her toes. She cross trains in all black wearing an Undefeated shell windbreaker and Sweat x Sweat The Style Box Logo Standard Tight with dayglo Nike sneakers.

Who do you sweat?
What do you sweat?
Stress and negativity.
Where do you sweat?
Soccer fields, outdoor running paths, yoga studios, SoulCycle, and the gym.
When do you sweat?
Whenever I can!
How do you sweat?
Soccer, endurance running, yoga, agility/strength training.
Why do you sweat?
Because I love it! My body craves the endorphins from being an athlete my whole life. I also sweat because it provides a balance in my life that maintains my overall health and well-being.

SweatTheStyle_KaitlynFitzpatrick_3 Keep the ball rolling with Sweat The Style girl Kaitlyn Fitzpatrick on her Instagram and Twitter.

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Sweat The Crew
Alexis Ren

SweatTheStyle_AlexisRen_3SweatTheStyle_AlexisRen_4SweatTheStyle_AlexisRen_1SweatTheStyle_AlexisRen_5SweatTheStyle_AlexisRen_6Fresh faced All-American Sweat The Style girl Alexis Ren shows her pride in a red, white, and blue, USA Stadium soccer jersey. Health and fitness has always been important to Alexis who grew up ballet dancing. Nowadays she gets her fitness fix by doing Bikram yoga at least 4 times a week and going hiking. A healthy glow and a positive attitude make Alexis as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

Who do you SWEAT?
For myself.
What do you SWEAT?
I sweat away the negative and inhale the positive.
Where do you SWEAT?
I sweat at bikram yoga–There’s nothing like a Vinyasa flow in 100+ degrees.
When do you SWEAT?
Early mornings or late nights. Whenever I have the time.
How do you SWEAT?
With motivation and a positive attitude.
Why do you SWEAT?
To not only look good, but to feel good. Health is everything to me.


Fahim Kassam

Sweat with Alexis Ren on her instagram and twitter.

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