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Sweat The Style X SoulCycle

SweattheStyle_SoulCycle_3SweatTheStyle_SoulCycle_9SweatTheStyle_SoulCycle_6SoulCycle is a Sweat The Style favorite workout. The combination of spin class, night club, and motivational conference motivates the sweat. Music blasts and lights flash as you go on your ride. The specialized instructors guide you with positive reinforcement and encourage you to leave your negative thoughts at the door and focus on pushing yourself to do the best you can during the 45 minute sweat session.

Start the ride with an easy “flat road” level of resistance. Once you’re warmed up, increase the resistance and peddle to the music. For the next 30 minutes you’ll go through intervals of “standing up” on the bike, doing push ups over the handles, all the while turning up the resistance to keep your legs working hard. The class ends with 10 minutes of hand weights and a cool down. Be prepared to sweat everything out!


Ja Tecson

The first official Sweat The Style x SoulCycle workout event took place at the West Hollywood studio with the Sweat Crew. DJ SoSuperSam curated the mix and Lindsey B taught the class. An incredible vibe of great music, positive energy, and a sweet sweat!

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Post Workout Rundown

AdrianneHo_BlueTechPack_1What you do after your workout is just as important as what you do during it. That time is crucial to repair muscles and build strength. Anything that gradually slows down heart rate and stretches out muscles like a slow 3-5 minute walk or a set of yoga poses helps. This will prevent dizziness right after an intense workout and reduce soreness the next day.

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Get A Grip

AdrianneHo_VintageNikeWindbreaker_4 Jokes aside having good grip and forearm strength improves everyday movement and activities. Hand Grips help build and develop strength in wrists and forearms. Traditionally they are used by boxers so they can handle stress on the wrists and forearms. This strength is utilized daily while lifting objects, driving, and playing sports like tennis or hockey.
SweatTheStyle_SupremeGrip Hold the gripper and try to close it as many times as you can. Record how long it took. Repeat on the other hand. Make sure to grip for the same amount of time on each hand.

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NIKE x ModelFit

AdrianneHo_ModelFit_1 AdrianneHo_ModelFitNike_4aAdrianneHo_ModelFit_5

Darryl Richardson for Nike Women Summit

It’s all in the name, ModelFit’s mission is to help women develop long lean “model like” muscle while still building strength and enhancing their fitness levels. Combining workout methods like pilates, yoga, balance stability, and functional training with the use of light weights and sliding disks, a one hour workout will be sure to create a slow burn in muscles you didn’t know existed. The studio also offers appointments with a nutritionist and wellness counselor and has a cold press juice and prepared foods section.

Start with a stretch.
15 minutes of yoga holding weights.
15 minutes of Pilates holding weights and with weights strapped on to legs.
20 weighted crunches with each hand aiming to the right, centre, and left side of body.
15 backwards lunges using the sliding disks on each leg while holding a weight. Slide legs back to the right, centre, and left side of the body for each set.
Finish with a stretch.

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