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Flexin’, I’m Just Flexin’

AdrianneHo_Supreme_BoxerBrief-12Activate those ab muscles 24/7. Place your hands on your tummy and cough. As you expel air feel your muscles tighten in towards your body. Hold that position as you go about your day. Keep your shoulders relaxed and breathe properly. You should be able to walk, talk, sit, work, and exercise like this. Over a few weeks, your stomach muscles will be stronger and tighter. “Flexin’, I’m just flexin’!”

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AdrianneHo_SupremeBoro_1Like anything else in life, success in fitness is all about consistency. It doesn’t matter how much you kill it during one workout, what matters is that you keep going back for more. As a great addition to daily cardio a quick ab routine first thing in the morning or last thing at night is a great way to keep your core strong and defined.
1 minute plank to start.
30 mountain climbers.
50 bench crunches.
30 knee thrusts each side.
1 minute side plank on each side.

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