Nike Air More Uptempo

AdrianneHo_Supreme_StoneIsland-5AdrianneHo_Supreme_StoneIsland-13When nothing beats the original…
SweatTheStyle_NikeAirMoreUptempoThe Nike Air More Uptempo is back just in time for NBA playoffs. A legend on and off the court for its unique branding and construction. Made famous by Scottie Pippen during the Chicago Bulls’ record-setting 1995-1996 NBA season, the style looks just as good today as it did then. With a youth size offering, ladies can get in on the action as well. A Sweat The Style favorite is the classic black and white silhouette with emblazoned, “AIR” across the shoe’s side panel.

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Message In A Bottle

AdrianneHo_ChinaTown_AnoukMorgan-10AdrianneHo_Supreme_WaterBottle_2We’ve all heard the saying, “drink eight glasses of water a day.” This can sometimes leave us wondering, “is this too much or too little, and exactly how much water is enough for my body?”
SweatTheStyle_Supreme_KleenKanteenThere are a few things we can all agree on, staying hydrated does amazing things for our bodies. Whether it’s flushing unwanted toxins or aiding in the support of keeping healthy skin; drinking water is an invaluable asset to our lifestyles in more ways than we can count!

Keeping a reusable water bottle handy is the easiest way to ensure you’re staying hydrated throughout the day. Not only are they durable, stylish and cost effective, you’re also protecting the environment from harmful chemicals that go into producing plastic bottles. So it’s time to save your money, grab an echo friendly water bottle and keep on fillin’!

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Food & Drink
The Punchbowl: Dayglow

AdrianneHo_SupremeStudded-7AdrianneHo_SupremeStudded-8 It’s important to keep your juice as fresh as your wardrobe….
SweatTheStyle_ThePunchBowlThat’s because when produce is picked at its peak freshness it’s more nutritious and tastes better than when it’s harvested out of season. The Day Glow juice is one of the seasonal specialties offered by organic juice bar The Punchbowl in Los Feliz, Los Angeles. Organic ingredients like carrot, coconut, turmeric, orange, cranberry, and Camu Camu are combined to give you a punch of vitamin A and C along with extra hydrating and detoxifying benefits. In fact Camu Camu is said to pack more vitamin C than any other food in the world. Cheers to that!

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