Alba Botanica: Hawaiian Anti-Frizz Serum

AdriannHo_Safari_7No one wants to spend time blowdrying their hair. That’s why treating your hair right before letting it air dry is the way to go.
AlbaBotanicaAntiFrizzSerumAlba Botanica Hawaiian Anti-Frizz Serum contains argan oil and a unique plant sourced keratin that helps seal in hair cuticles preventing frizz and allowing hair to smoothly set in its natural textures. It contains no parabens, heavy silicones, phthalates, or synthetic fragrances. All you need to do is smooth a few pumps though the ends of your hair with your hands and let it air dry naturally.

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Sweat The Crew
Abla Ahmed Osman

SweatTheStyle_AlbaAo_6SweatTheStyle_AlbaAo_5SweatTheStyle_AlbaAo_4SweatTheStyle_AlbaAo_3 Canadian born with Somalian heritage, model Abla Ahmed Osman takes her sporty vibe to the streets of New York City. She rocks a Stussy bucket hat while draping an Elvira baseball jersey over her Nike sports bra and capris. Black Nike Air Force 1’s and a checkered Supreme bag take her athletic look and bring it downtown.

Who do you sweat?
What do you sweat?
My negative energy away.
Where do you sweat?
All over my body
When do you sweat?
When I’m physically or mentally challenged.
How do you sweat?
By perspiring.
Why do you sweat?
Because I’ve worked hard for everything I’ve achieved 🙂


Christina Paik

Sweat Abla on her Instagram.

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#VeryWavy Hair

AdrianneHo_Work_6 Alba Botanica Styling Cream contains no parabens, phthalates, sodium laurel sulfate, or sodium myreth sulfate. Which are really harmful toxic chemicals found in many over-the-counter drugstore brand styling products. Alba Botanica Styling Cream is naturally fortified with aloe, coconut oil and vitamin E.AdrianneHo_AlbaBotanicaStylingCreamWhile most people like their hair managed and styled most don’t like the smell and feel of product in it. That’s why Alba Botanica Styling Cream works for me. It’s light and fragrance free while adding texture and definition. It leaves my hair soft, silky, and in control. I usually apply it while my hair is still wet. I part my hair the way I like it, scrunch it, and let it air dry. While it’s drying I won’t touch it to avoid breaking the waves from forming naturally. #VeryWavy.

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