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Watermelon Strawberry Agua Fresca

SweatTheStyle_CattyBoomBatty_AquaFresqua-3When it comes to quenching your thirst this Summer it’s always nice to incorporate fresh fruit! An amazing go-to is agua fresca. Spanish for “cool waters” this drink is an amazingly simple refreshing thirst quencher to enjoy all season long. As we enter July, with fresh watermelon and berry crops entering stores and markets, now is the perfect time to use the fresh fruits of summer! On a recent trip to the farmers market we picked up our ingredients and made this super easy Watermelon Strawberry Aqua Fresca!SweatTheStyle_CattyBoomBatty_AquaFresqua Check out the recipe below:
Serves 2

1 ½ c Watermelon, diced, remove seeds and rind
6 Strawberries, leaves removed
1 Lemon, juiced
1 Mandarinquat, juiced
6 Drops of stevia
½ c Filtered water
3 Basil leaves

Place all ingredients in a blender, puree until completely smooth. Pour over ice and garnish with additional basil leaves.

Recipe by: Catty Boom Batty

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Food & Drink
Canary Melon Dessert Bowl

SweatTheStyle_YellowMelon_1Simple fruit desserts in the summer heat are easy and refreshing. All you need is a knife to slice the melon in half and a spoon to scoop out the seeds. Canary melon, or any other type of melon, is easy to digest and extremely hydrating which is especially beneficial after a long day in the heat. For some extra love add coconut ice cream or greek yogurt to the center. Enjoy and toss out the bowl. The dishes are done, man!

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Food & Drink
Refreshing Rosemary Watermelon Water

SweatTheStyle_WatermelonWater_Ingredients Ingredients:
Seedless Watermelon: 1 Small
Rosemary: 4 Fresh Sprigs
Lemon: 3 Slices
Honey: 1 Tbsp
Ice: 1 Cup
Filtered Water: 4 Cups

SweatTheStyle_WatermelonWater2 Instructions:
Chop watermelon into cubes. Crush a quarter of the watermelon cubes in a measuring cup until it’s watery and slushy, pour juice through a strainer into a water pitcher. Add ice, lemon slices, honey, rosemary, and the rest of the watermelon cubes. Let sit for a few hours, stir, and serve. The longer it sits the stronger the flavour.

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Food & Drink

SweatTheStyle_PopThere is something nostalgic about being a child in the summer heat enjoying your favorite popsicle. As adults it’s still an amazing treat that cools you off and satisfies your sweet tooth! Goodpop makes it very easy to indulge in our fav summertime treat! GoodPops are all-natural frozen pops made with organic ingredients.

These pops were born out of Austin, Texas by Daniel Goetz. Daniel came up with the concept when he was a senior at the University of Texas. He saw the lack of healthy refreshing popsicles and sought out to create a cool treat with all natural ingredients!

GoodPop’s ingredients include fresh fruit, 100% organic, fair trade cane sugar and ZERO artificial flavoring! Now lets get to the flavors… GoodPop currently has six yummy flavors ranging from Coconut Lime to Watermelon Agave, which only has 48 calories so you may able to sneak two of these ;-). This is the perfect Summer 16 mouthwatering treat for adults and kids. Look out for GoodPop as they continue to expand nationwide.

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Supergoop Antioxidant Infused Sunscreen Mist

AdrianneHo_Watermelon_Greece_6Save yourself from the sun while giving yourself a healthy glow.

SweatTheStyle_Supergoop Supergoop Antioxidant Infused Sunscreen Mist with Vitamin C SPF 50 hits every note while its continuous mist technology allows you to spray from every angle. This all natural sunscreen enriches the skin with a radiant, healthy appearance, preventing free radical and sun damage. This product contains no parabens, fragrances, or petrochemicals, while the aerosol spray does not contain any chemicals that harm the environment. Spray all over 15 minutes before sun exposure and don’t forget to reapply after swimming or sweating.

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Luzern Laboratories: Alpine Glacial Toner

AdrianneHo_Watermelon_Greece_5Not everyone woke up like this. Keeping skin strong, fresh, and looking healthy can be a process.
SweatTheStyle_LuzernToner Spraying Luzern Alpine Glacial Toning Mist after cleansing is an easy step to take to keep skin in proper form. The secret is in the ingredients. This spray has been specially formulated to instantly refresh, hydrate and tone skin. Witch hazel increases the skin’s natural healing process while Aloe extracts soothe any irritations. Rosehip seed oil smooths wrinkles and safeguards against ultraviolet radiation. Finally blending these ingredients with antioxidants helps to protect skin from free radical damage, keeping it younger longer. For an extra boost, chill in the refrigerator in between uses to cool dry or tired skin. All ingredients are certified organic.

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New Era x Spike Lee 1996 Collection

AdrianneHo_Watermelon_NYC_5You have to have something that is going to make people stand up and take notice.
American film director Spike Lee changed the way streetwear, fashion, and sport come together when he requested from New Era a scarlet red Yankee cap for game three of the 1996 World Series in Atlanta. The colorway was unorthodox at the time but Lee needed some fire to match his jacket. To commemorate the moment New Era has teamed up with Spike for a limited collection of 59FIFTY New York Yankees hats.

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