Food & Drink

Lara Bar smallOne thing I know as A Ho On The Go is that I should always keep a snack on me to resist sugary temptations that might be lurking at the local bodega or convenience store. Larabars are one of my go to snacks that I leave in my bag for when the moment strikes. They are gluten-free, raw, and contain no more than 9 ingredients (unsweetened dried fruit, nuts, and spices). They also come in a wide range of flavours that all taste different and true to their name.

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Health & Wellness
Emergen-C Drink

ACNE HO EMERGENCEmergen-C packages are great because they flavour your water and give you vitamin C at the same damn time! I take them when I travel, feel run down, or after working out as a sport drink. Each package contains 1,000MG of vitamin C which is the recommended daily dose to keep your immune system strong and your energy levels high. Bottoms up!

I like the Emergen-C Super Orange flavour but there are so many others to choose from. I buy cases at a time. 

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Food & Drink

Most people treat guacamole as a side but I love having it as a full meal. It’s fast, easy, and incredibly healthy. I’ll usually pair it with Beanitos Black Bean Tortilla Chips because they are gluten-free, organic, and are full of protein. This makes for a fresh, quick, and balanced meal!

Avocados: 1 Large
Tomato: 1/2 Chopped
Cilantro: Handful Chopped
Red Onion: 3 Tablespoons Diced
Sea Salt: To Taste
Lime: Half
Tortilla Chips: 1 Bowl

Cut avocado in half.
Pop out pit.
Dig out avocado flesh into a bowl, squeeze in lime juice, and mash to desired consistency.
Mix in cilantro, tomato, and onion.
Sprinkle sea salt to taste.
Enjoy with tortilla chips.

¡Ay, caramba!

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STS Beauty Fresh Rose

Christoph Strube

Running outside is good for the body but it definitely doesn’t do your skin any favours, especially your lips. Before I head out the door I like to apply Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment on my lips to prevent them from cracking and peeling from the harsh weather. What I like about Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment is that it’s formulated using high quality ingredients such as natural oils, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and Vitamin A, C, and E. My lips feel smooth, moist, and nourished. I also love the subtle colour it gives them.

STS Beauty Fresh Sugar LIPS small
I like the light pink tint of the Fresh Sugar Rosé Lip Treatment but there are so many other beautiful colours that work for all skin tones.

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