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To Thalassaki

AdrianneHo_thalassakiTucked away on a remote beach located on the Cycladic island of Tinos, To Thalassaki is nothing short of spectacular! The food is helmed by the highly creative mind and hand of female chef/owner Antonia Zarpa. Antonia artistically flips traditional Greek sea fare on its head, met by her Michelin worthy skill and technique. This is Mediterranean food at its finest; tradition meets innovation and heart…
AdrianneHo_thalassaki-3Bee pollen feta
AdrianneHo_thalassaki-4Vlita with tomato and feta
AdrianneHo_thalassaki-5Fried calamari
AdrianneHo_thalassaki-6Razor clams and saffron
AdrianneHo_thalassaki-7There’s nothing like eating linguine with clams (linguine alle vongole) barefoot seaside at sunset. Especially when it’s prepared to perfection at To Thalassaki. You know when eating can be a religious experience? Yeah… This is one of those times. Aided by the organic garden in the back and incredible vista in the front… Docking your boat on the bay for lunch at this tavern is one of the most incredible dining experiences I’ve ever had.

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Explore and More

AdrianneHo_Mykonos_Nike-8AdrianneHo_Mykonos_Nike-10There’s no better way to break a sweat than exploring a new place. Get caught up in the scenery and let the time fly by… Just don’t get lost!
Start with a stretch, set a timer for 20 minutes, and run. After 20 minutes turn around and run back. When you get back do 30 reps of the following exercises.
Mountain Climbers
Jump Squats
Lunges on each side
Bench Crunches

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SweatTheStyle_AlessandraKirn_6SweatTheStyle_AlessandraKirn_7 Not all roads a created equal but all have their own advantages. Running on a soft surface like a field or grass creates less impact on knees and joints while making the leg muscles work harder and become stronger.
Model Alessandra Kirn switches it up while in Greece. The uneven countryside keeps her on her toes while she focuses straight ahead and doesn’t look back. A good 40 minute run followed by a stretch is the perfect end to her day.

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