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HYPEBAE INTERVIEW: Adrianne Ho Reveals 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Her


How much do you know about Sweat the Style‘s Adrianne Ho beyond her 2,000-plus Instagram photos? A model, an entrepreneur and now an adidas Originals ambassador, the globetrotter has always been active on social media but it isn’t often that she talks about herself. Between her travels to China and New York, she took a pause to chat with us on everything from her fitness routine and skincare regimen, to her favorite kicks and food.

Read on to learn 10 things you didn’t know about the streetwear darling, and peep the SoHo-shot editorial as well. She’s seen wearing pieces from Supreme, Noah, Alexander Wang, Acne Studios, adidas and more.


1. Her love for food was actually what first got her into fitness:
Having a French mother and Chinese father, I was raised on rich food. So once I started modeling, I needed a serious regimen to offset all the food I love to eat. Energy in, energy out. I started seeing a personal trainer who would create workout routines that we would do not only in the gym but also all around Downtown Toronto. It was really inspiring for me to see how he could turn any setting into a fun place to work out, and how much better I felt and looked from training. At that point, I became addicted to working out and fell in love with the lifestyle. Today, I’m still motivated because there is still so much to learn and new workouts to try.


2. She made her debut as a television host this year with her show, Sweat the City:
I’ve always believed that everyone has something to teach you. Throughout the series, I meet with experts and leaders in food, fitness and culture from NYC, LA and Toronto. I’m hoping the audience can learn and be inspired by every guest on the show and be able to apply that knowledge to their daily life.

3. For those who’re curious, this is what Adrianne’s weekly workout routine looks like:
My routine is always a little different depending on what city I’m in. When I’m home in LA, I see my personal trainer Micah McKinley about three times a week at his Phys Ed studios in Silver Lake and Echo Park. We focus on total-body circuit strength training and high-intensity interval training. On other days, I get my cardio from Barry’s Bootcamp, Aerospace, SoulCycle, tennis, hiking and running.


4. Her new favorite travel destination isn’t where you’d expect:
One of my most memorable trips was visiting Chengdu, the capital city of the Sichuan province, China. There’s so much culture there with a rich blend of traditional and contemporary. I stayed at an incredible hotel called The Temple House, which is modern, luxurious and built into what looks like an ancient temple.
On the first morning, we trekked the countryside to a conservatory where I got to meet and sit with a giant panda. It was a very special moment. That afternoon I had my first traditional Chengdu-style hot pot that was delicious and mouth-numbing. I had posted that I was staying at The Temple House on social media, and by the time we got back there were huge crowds of people waiting for me outside. People printed photos they wanted me to sign, one person even had a copy of my baby picture. It was really sweet and humbling meeting so many fans from Chengdu, everyone there was so nice and happy. Later, I got a chance to watch the Sichuan Opera where the actors’ masks unexpectedly change throughout the show. I would highly recommend anyone interested in travel, food and culture to visit Chengdu. I can’t wait to go back.


5. Her go-to sneakers at the moment:
It always changes but right now I’m really into what adidas is doing with its BOOST technology for performance. For something more lifestyle, its classic Gazelle OG and collaborations with Raf Simons are what I’m into lately. I’ve also been wearing some high-fashion chunky runners a lot in NYC and China. Acne Studios and Balenciaga have some really nice ones that I love. I also have my eye on the new Louis Vuitton ones.

6. Her number one tip for taking a good selfie:
Nice, even light and a bright smile.

7. No surprises here. Her favorite way to relax and unwind is, of course, over food:
I love to cook, so I’ll usually unwind in the kitchen preparing some healthy treats at home. If I’m traveling, I love sharing a delicious meal with friends and family at new restaurants. I went to abcV almost every night during fashion week. It’s amazing!


8. So this is how she achieves flawless skin:
I keep a pretty clean diet and drink lots of water. I travel with Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Baby Soap, COOLA Sunscreen, Eminence Organic Exfoliating Peel and Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum.

9. On what’s next for her after landing her deal with adidas:
There are a lot of big things happening that I can’t announce just quite yet. I’ve been fortunate to work in so many avenues from fashion to fitness and the rest of the year will take things to another level. You can follow me on social media to see what I’m up to on the daily.


Frankie Marin

10. It’s no secret that Adrianne loves xiao long bao and pho. If she could only have either for the rest of her life, she’d choose:
XLB from Din Tai Fung all the way!

Adrianne Ho shot on location in Noah, Adidas, For All To Envy Vintage, MOMA, Supreme & Acne Studios in SoHo, New York City for Hypebae

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