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Sweat The Crew
Ksenia Mezenina

SweatTheStyle_KseniaMezenina_SweatCrew-32SweatTheStyle_KseniaMezenina_SweatCrew-33SweatTheStyle_KseniaMezenina_SweatCrew-29Model and Sweat The Style girl Ksenia Mezenina travels a lot for work. She finds time to squeeze in a work out not only to stay in shape but to keep her mind sharp and focused. On the road is when most people lose their training routines but not Ksenia. While in LA the Russian beauty gets a quick sweat on in Sweat Crew.

Who do you sweat?
My wild Russian side.
What do you sweat?
Sweating all the negative energy, anxiety, and stress of everyday life.
Where do you sweat?
On the beach, in nature, and in the studio.
When do you sweat?
At the dawn when the sun goes down.
How do you sweat?
Always pushing myself- Running, squatting, dancing…
Why do you sweat?
To feel alive, to find inner balance, and to take my mind off its constant whirlwind.


Yoon Kim

Sweat with Ksenia on her Instagram, Twitter, and website.

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Sweat The Crew
Surfin’ USA With Aleali May

SweatTheStyle_AlealiMay_SweatCrew-20They say it’s not where you’re from it’s where you’re at. They also say you can’t go home again. But for Aleali May they’re one in the same. One of the most original girls taking street fashion digital, her unique sense of style has garnered not only the attention of the Internet but also the street. If this all sounds a bit confusing, it shouldn’t. The youth have always found new ways to express themselves and Aleali is no exception. From the front rows of fashion shows to the style guides on her namesake, this new breed of creative is riding some giant waves.SweatTheStyle_AlealiMay_SweatCrew-14We took to the streets of downtown Los Angeles with the young beauty for a better look into her routine. Always on the move, Aleali exemplifies what it means to be forward in a city that is traditionally known for its laid backness…

Where are you from?
I was born in LA, went to high school in Colorado because my dad was in the army, lived in Chicago for my college years, and now back home. Traveling to me is everything! Learning about other cultures, traditions, history, and people is amazing. Travel channel is how I started seeing the world before actually traveling. And now I’m blessed to see the same places I once watched on screen.

Why did you come back to Los Angeles?
Chicago was an amazing city to be in! But way too cold for me. To add, I just felt like coming home would be the best decision for my career. But I had to leave in order to appreciate my city and gained a whole lot of experience in the meantime.

It feels like Los Angeles is having a real moment right now in food, fashion, art and overall culture. Do you have any insight into that?
Los Angeles is definitely having its shine right now. Especially in fashion, runway shows taking place with major fashion houses is so new to the land. I love that people are starting to see the hidden values. I’m excited to see what it will be like in 5 years.SweatTheStyle_AlealiMay_SweatCrew-4A lot of people are buzzing about the new “youth wave,” and putting you in that category. Could you explain the importance of young people changing the landscape of culture and the prevalence of online community?
We must invest in the youth in order to create a better tomorrow. And that’s in fashion, in education, in all aspects of life. Even when we expand online, that’s spreading our culture, that’s investing in the youth just by existing. As Dzogchen Ponlop says,
“Who we are is shaped by our culture, and who we are is what changes it.”

In the past so many cultural and counter-cultural movements started or blossomed in New York City from hip-hop to street art. Do you feel that is still the case or has the Internet changed the importance of geographical location?
Everything goes in waves, LA then NY then back to LA and then NY again. I believe It’s a part of the natural cycle of waves (lol!).SweatTheStyle_AlealiMay_SweatCrew-8As a young creative do you think geographical location is as important as it used to be with the power of social media and the Internet?
Living in a bigger city always guaranteed a bigger network, but social media and the Internet are changing that perspective everyday. Everyday the Internet grows, and you can shine light on anyone with the touch of a button, “post.”

Do you feel a sense of support as a young creative in the Los Angeles community: Fairfax, Silver Lake or downtown arts district?
No doubt! Love the community, the community loves back!
American kids used to hang at record stores, concerts, and skate parks. It seems now they are hanging out a lot more in line-ups to buy gear. Do you have any insight into how American kids have taken on a more Japanese approach to lifestyle, fashion, and young hustle?
Prices of so many hyped items are high. I respect young kids learning the hustle. I think it’s not only Japanese and American culture but everywhere. People see the demand for a product and they either think about buying it for themselves or flipping it. Both ways are profitable, just depends on the person.

How do you incorporate your environment into your style?
I like to wear staples of the city. For example, I’ll post Vans for my California natives or Jordan’s for the time I lived in Chicago and gained a bigger understanding of the shoes. Wherever I am, I stay open to the culture and incorporate that in my style.SweatTheStyle_AlealiMay_SweatCrew-6You’re creating a lot of original content on the regular. Can you talk a bit about what it means to be a content creator in 2015 with the Internet and social media. Does any of this make sense to your parents?
My parents never understood any of this, but they accept what I’m doing. Everyday of creating content is a new day of learning about the Internet, social media, and life in 2015. Create what you feel and show others by executing that idea through the work, as it’s always been.SweatTheStyle_AlealiMay_SweatCrew-5How do you balance your job (paying gigs) with creating personal material that presents your unique perspective and means something to you?
That’s easy, only work on things you truly have a heart for. Focus on passion and the money follows.

Where would you like to see your personal brand going in the next few years?
Hmmm, farther and stronger than where it is today.
Do you find it hard to maintain a healthy active lifestyle in Los Angeles or is it easier because of the weather?
It’s definitely easier because of the weather. Less days cooped up inside, and more days to enjoy being outside.SweatTheStyle_AlealiMay_SweatCrew-2

 Tell us about your day to day regime?
“No two days are alike, except for the 1st and 15th, pretty much.” – Jay Z

What are your favorite ways to stay healthy and active in Los Angeles?
Taking walks around the neighborhood, practicing breathing, and doing some stretches inside or outside.

What are some of the places you go to maintain a healthy lifestyle in Los Angeles?
Yoga Studio, Runyon Canyon, and the beach.
SweatTheStyle_AlealiMay_SweatCrewHow many times a week do you sweat?
At least 2-3.

Where’s your favorite place to sweat?
SweatTheStyle_AlealiMay_SweatCrew-7What kind of music do you sweat to?
Trap music: I love Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Future, Chief Keef, the list goes on… And never leaving out Jay Z.

Where’s your favorite place to eat?
Sugarfish Sushi and Whole Foods.

What are your favorite places to shop?
H Lorenzo, 424 on Fairfax, RSVP Gallery, Undefeated, ACNE Studios, and Net-A-Porter.

How would you describe your personal style?
Street style meets lux.

Has coming from Los Angeles and living there effected the way you dress?
I think wherever you live has a say on how you dress. Before I moved to Chicago I wore lots of color. When I was preparing to come back to LA, my wardrobe was mostly black. I think wherever you live you naturally gain the city’s lifestyle and certain traits of it. LA is nice, warm, fun which leads to colors. Chicago is brick cold which leads to darker tones, adding more grunge and edge. Although I still rock Vans and Chuck Taylor’s in any city.SweatTheStyle_AlealiMay_SweatCrew-9

Allen Park

You have such a unique personal style, the way you blend streetwear, activewear, and high fashion. Could you talk a bit about that?
It’s never forced for me. I grew up looking up to Pharrell, Nigo, Kanye, Yoon from Ambush, M.I.A and many alike. But I also grew up in South Central, LA, where Jordan’s weren’t something that Hypebeast fan over, Jordan had every hood in every city on lock. At the same time, being a girl and wanting to have an immaculate closet of clothes was always a dream, heels included lol! This is just a mix of how I started, where I’m from, who I’m influenced by but who I’m evolving to.

What are your favorite things to do on your days off?
Meditation, hang with friends, museums and trying out new foods.

What’s your advice for young people wanting to break into the fashion industry and follow in your footsteps?
You have much more to work with as far as social platforms and you should definitely take advantage of that! Stay hungry and be willing to learn.

Any tips or tricks you’ve learned to incorporate being healthy and active into your busy lifestyle?
It’s all a mind game for me. A habit you have to practice in order to break. I have to remind myself that I am what I eat.

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Sweat The Crew
Chanel Johnson

SweatTheStyle_ChanelNicole_1SweatTheStyle_ChanelNicole_9SweatTheStyle_ChanelNicole_6SweatTheStyle_ChanelNicole_5SweatTheStyle_ChanelNicole_13SweatTheStyle_ChanelNicole_3Sweat The Style girl Chanel Johnson doesn’t let a little rain get in the way of her morning run through the arts district of downtown. Chanel looks beautiful balancing city and nature in Sweat Crew. Since moving to Los Angeles from the south, she’s become more involved in health, natural beauty and fitness. On days that she’s too busy to run, hike or hit the gym she likes to use the Nike Training App at home by plugging it into her Apple TV for a quick sweat. Rain or shine, Chanel makes time to work on being the best version of herself.

Who do you sweat?
Those who have the courage to follow their dreams.
What do you sweat?
New ways to become a better version of myself and helping others to do the same.
Where do you sweat?
Wherever I can!
When do you sweat?
As often as I can, especially when I need to feel motivated.
How do you sweat?
Using Nike+Training Club’s app and hiking beautiful trails.
Why do you sweat?
I sweat to look and feel great, and to prove to myself that I can accomplish anything.


Dan Hall

Sweat with Chanel on her Instagram.

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Sweat The Crew
Brie Birkholm & Joanie Del Santo


Alexandra Gavillet/Kate Eringer

On Joanie:
Team Honda Mesh Long Sleeve Shirt: The Locker Room
Triple Black Leopard Camouflage Tights: Sweat x Sweat The Style
Sneakers: Adidas

On Brie:
Vintage Adidas Volleyball Pullover: The Locker Room
Box Logo Standard Tights: Sweat x Sweat The Style
Slides: Adidas

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Sweat The Crew
Chrissy Poon

SweatTheStyle_ChrissyPoon_2aSweatTheStyle_ChrissyPoon_7SweatTheStyle_ChrissyPoon_6SweatTheStyle_ChrissyPoon_1SweatTheStyle_ChrissyPoon_3Chrissy Poon is the definition of the Sweat The Style girl. Always rocking the freshest kicks and flyest gear with the sweetest personality. Today she does her HIIT workout in the heat of Eaton Canyon, Pasadena to get extra sweaty. She represents Undefeated, Sweat x Sweat The Style, and Nike. Never afraid to borrow from the boys, she’s the type that makes it look that much better.
Chrissy loves changing up her sweat routines between indoor gyms and outdoors, getting her adventure on in nature. She tries to push her limit in every workout. Her family motivates her, wanting to be healthy enough to make sure they stay healthy. She wants to be strong enough to always be active and be that “grandma” that can keep up with the grandchildren. And in order to do that her motto is, “you gotta start now!”

Who do you sweat?
The person I was yesterday.
What do you sweat?
I sweat my fears, my insecurities, and my frustrations.
Where do you sweat?
Sometimes at my private gym, but I also love to be outside under the sun hiking, or walking at night under the stars, both clear my head and settle my nerves.
When do you sweat?
Whenever I have the free time. I find it easier to keep sweat goals when I make them dates with friends.
How do you sweat?
Hiking, swimming, or weight training at TPE! I love Tabata, which is a HIIT exercise that only takes 20 minutes, which suites my schedule.
Why do you sweat?
I sweat for me, I want to be healthy for myself, and my loved ones around me.SweatTheStyle_ChrissyPoon_8

Martin Depict

Sweat with Chrissy on her Instagram and Twitter

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Sweat The Crew
Brie Birkholm

SweatTheStyle_briellebirkholm_VintageNike_3SweatTheStyle_briellebirkholm_VintageNike_5SweatTheStyle_briellebirkholm_VintageNike_1Beach beauty model Brie Birkholm has some fun between reps as she works out in Venice Beach, California. She looks bright even on an overcast day in a yellow Vintage Nike Graphic T-Shirt from the Locker Room, with Sweat x Sweat The Style Box Logo Standard Tights, and red Nike Flyknit Racers. Being a lover of the outdoors she turns even a regular jogging path into a good time.

Who do you sweat?
My bitchy side.
What do you sweat?
I sweat out all the stress and insecurities I’m carrying with me. Leave it on the mat or dirt. Whatever works:)
Where do you sweat?
For my cardio I try to get outdoors. I’m obsessed with reformer Pilates. But when my schedule doesn’t allow it, it’s in my living room with a good ole workout dvd on:)
When do you sweat?
Anytime I can! As long as I get a good sweat in I’m happy!
How do you sweat?
With a lil reminder that I have it in me to give more than I did the day before.
Why do you sweat?
For my overall health and the clarity and calmness it brings to me.


Alexandra Gavillet/Kate Eringer

Bring it on with Brie on her Instagram. 

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