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Organic White Peaches

AdrianneHo_WhitePeachNewBalance-4Sink your teeth into something sweet….
SweatTheStyle_WhitePeachThe white peach is in season now and one of the sweetest of them all. The white color of the flesh means that it contains more natural sugar than the deeper colored yellow peaches which are more acidic. Rich in vitamin A and C, peaches lead to the healthy production and regeneration of skin cells as well as being a great detoxifier for the kidneys and bladder. If they give in a little after a firm but gentle squeeze and have a slight wrinkle to the skin then they are ripe and ready to eat! Keep a look out next time you’re at the market, you won’t be disappointed!

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Sweat The Crew
Christina Paik on March Madness


Matt Miggz

Sport and fashion have always been influenced by each other. As the two seem to be more intertwined than ever, performance and ready-to-wear have more in common these days from court to runway to street, in no particular order. Christina Paik shows love for her favorite college basketball team wearing a UConn Kemba Walker Jersey, under her Prada coat, with red pants by Issey Miyake that she paired with Air Max Zero’s and Mykita sunglasses. Here’s her perspective on why she’s a fan of college basketball celebrating March Madness in New York City.
“As a Knicks fan, its been a hard season…let’s face it, it’s been a hard 5 years…and this year, I found myself watching more college basketball than usual. My brother went to UConn and growing up, I always wanted to do everything he did, so naturally I became a UConn fan. I went to an art college and never had the opportunity to experience the landscape of college sports first hand, but being in NYC this spring, it’s been something else. To be able to see such a melting pot of alma maters in such a concentrated city, weekend after weekend, bars packed with fans from all different schools, rooting for their teams as they get that fix of sweet, college nostalgia, I felt like I was getting a tour of the college experience from so many different points of view.
The beauty of college basketball, at least to me, is that team chemistry matters so much. At the professional level, sheer skill can sometimes make up for lack of leadership and teamwork, but in college, where the oldest player is usually no more than 21 years old, the chemistry really matters and I find myself drawn to that.
In an age where people tend to forget about the intangibles, it’s nice to see that it still matters somewhere.”Christina Paik

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Food & Drink
Greens Plus Bar

SweatTheStyle_GreensProteinBar Can something that tastes as good as chocolate and peanut butter help build lean muscle mass and balance the body’s blood sugar? Greens Plus Protein Bar chocolate and peanut butter flavor can! It’s an organic, gluten-free, all natural cold-processed, protein-rich green food bar. One bar makes a perfect snack between meals to keep energy up in a healthy way or as a post workout recovery bar if there’s no time for a full home cooked meal.

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Food & Drink
Izze Sparkling Juice

SweatTheStyle_IzzieSodaIf you’re going to reach for something sweet to drink it might as well be naturally sweet. Izze Sparkling Juice is just as refreshing and tasty as soda but with none of the unhealthy processed ingredients. It contains 70% pure fruit juice without refined sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, caffeine, or preservatives. Why go for artificially flavoured drinks when there’s natural delicious alternatives that come in a great glass bottle.

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Health & Wellness


Jake Rosenberg for The Coveteur

Working hard, sweating hard, and travelling between different climates can really run you down. While there is no cure for the common cold and flu, taking preventative measures could mean the difference between being out for a day or a week.
AdrianneHo_echinacheaEchinacea is a natural herb that strengthens the immune system. It works by increasing white blood cells in the body and it’s these cells that attack colds, viruses, and infections. Although taking the pills won’t wipe out a sickness immediately, it will strengthen your body enough to bounce back faster. This can stop a harmless cold from spreading to the lungs and developing into something more serious.

Buy Echinacea Vibes:

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