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Sweat The Crew
Vlada Verevko


Introducing Sweat The Style girl, model Vlada Verevko. She went to Griffith Park to do some circuit training on her own before finishing up her workout hiking with Rachelle. She sweats in the new VFiles Sport Plus crop top, Nike Capris pants, and black & while Nike flyknits.  Vlada works hard just as much as she plays hard, mixing up her workouts and having fun while doing it!

Who do you sweat?
Kind, funny people and…Oprah. Oprah is awesome!

What do you sweat?
Sunsets, soulful music, educational books, healthy cuisine, and fun workouts where I sweat my ass off!

Where do you SWEAT?
Anywhere from the floor of my own apartment and to the highest mountains I’ve hiked.

When do you SWEAT?
Anytime but preferably in the morning to start my day off right. All you need is motivation! And it feels so rewarding afterwards.

How do you SWEAT?
I prefer active sweats like dancing and cardio boxing. I definitely sweat hot yoga. And I have an amazing trainer Coach JVB who kicks my butt with intense routines.

Why do you SWEAT?
I sweat because sweat is always in style just like the happiest smiles 😉


Sweat and smile with Vlada on her Instagram and Twitter.

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Health & Wellness
Stay Hydrated


Staying hydrated is essential for beautiful skin, good health, and endurance during workouts. How much you need to drink depends on age, gender, height, weight, exercise intensity, and duration. Most doctors recommend drinking roughly 2 litres a day and they say by the time someone feels thirsty they are already dehydrated. Avoid this by staying hydrated throughout the day and by bringing a water bottle on long hikes, drives, or bike rides when access is limited.

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Sweat The Crew
Rachelle Goulding

SweatTheStyle_Rachelle1SweatTheStyle_Rachelle_2SweatTheStyle_Rachelle_4I’m so happy to introduce my girl, model and fellow Canadian Rachelle Goulding as part of the Sweat The Style crew. When we met up in the West Village for a green juice, the exotic beauty had just finished a spin session at SoulCycle. She looked stunning in an Awake coat over her sports bra with Sweat It leggings. She finished off the look by rocking a pair of Uptowns with a MissFit beanie. Rachelle effortlessly kills it with sporty, street, sophisticated vibes.

Who do you SWEAT?
Myself? Haha!
What do you SWEAT?
I sweat stress away and replace it with positivity, adventure, ambition, and passion.
Where do you SWEAT?
Everywhere! SoulCycle, acting class, riding my bike on the West Side Highway, hot yoga, tennis, kayaking… and passionate nights with my future bf! Just Kidding!
When do you SWEAT?
I sweat when I get embarrassed, when I feel flustered, when I’m playing sports, and especially when I’m dancing.
How do you SWEAT?
Though my pores and while listening to house music!
Why do you SWEAT?
I sweat to release built up energy. To expel bad energy and exude good energy. I sweat to renew my body, my mind, and overall well being. I sweat to bring myself back into balance. 

AdrianneHo_RachelleGoulding_1Kick it with Sweat The Style girl Rachelle Goulding on Instagram.

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