New Balance Custom 998 “White Peach” x Sweat The Style

AdrianneHo_WhitePeachNewBalance-3SweatTheStyle_NewBalance998_WhitePeach What inspires you?
SweatTheStyle_NewBalance The inspiration for this Sweat The Style custom New Balance 998 sneaker is the organic white peach, which is in season right now. The technical reflective details make up its sweet white flesh while the coral suede exterior represents its soft peach fuzz. What makes this sneaker special for New Balance is that it’s one of the first made using their customization technology online as well as the first time the slimmer “Made in USA” 998 has been available in women’s sizes. Take a look around and you can make your own inspirations come to life here.

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Food & Drink
Organic White Peaches

AdrianneHo_WhitePeachNewBalance-4Sink your teeth into something sweet….
SweatTheStyle_WhitePeachThe white peach is in season now and one of the sweetest of them all. The white color of the flesh means that it contains more natural sugar than the deeper colored yellow peaches which are more acidic. Rich in vitamin A and C, peaches lead to the healthy production and regeneration of skin cells as well as being a great detoxifier for the kidneys and bladder. If they give in a little after a firm but gentle squeeze and have a slight wrinkle to the skin then they are ripe and ready to eat! Keep a look out next time you’re at the market, you won’t be disappointed!

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Food & Drink

Raw Honey: 1 Tbsp
Sea Salt: To Taste
Peach: 1 Sliced
Lemon: 1 Juiced
Basil: A Bunch Chopped
Buratta: Whole
Olive Oil: To Taste
Heirloom Tomatoes: 3 Sliced

To make dressing whisk lemon juice with honey and olive oil.
Arrange tomatoes, peaches, and basil on a plate.
Place buratta on top.
Drizzle honey-lemon mixture over everything.
Sprinkle with sea salt.

It’s pretty easy!

Ingredient Vibes:

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Food & Drink
Heirloom Tomato and Stone Fruit Salad

SweatTheStyle_Catty_StoneFruitSaladIngredientsWalking through the Hollywood Farmers Market we noticed that the heirloom tomatoes and stone fruit are perfectly ripe and in season. Chef Catty Boom Batty collaborated with us to make a beautiful fresh and light salad inspired by the season. Since stone fruit reached their peak in taste and juiciness she keeps the salad simple and let the ingredients speak for themselves. For creamy texture along with protein and calcium, she added Organic Greek Yogurt mixed with honey sprinkling roughly chopped Marcona Almonds. For flavor and color she introduced Opal basil and picked flowers off broccoli to add to the mix. You can make a version of this salad easily by going to the farmers market and seeing what’s perfectly fresh and in season wherever you live. When you have the best possible ingredients you don’t have to do much to create something easy, beautiful, and delicious to eat!
Serves 4
2ea Heirloom Tomato, ripe cut into wedges
2ea Ripe Nectarines, cut into 1” wedges
2ea Ripe Peaches, cut into 1” wedges
2ea Ripe Plums, thinly sliced
¼ c Opal Basil, chiffonade or using the buds and smaller leaves
¼ c Marcona Almonds, rough chopped
2 T Honey
1 c Greek yogurt, seasoned with salt and pepper
Fleur de Sal, to taste
Freshly ground pepper
With a tablespoon, smear 1/4c of yogurt on the rim of each plate. Gently place ½ of ea tomato and fruit onto the plate sporadically. Garnish each plate with a pinch of marcona almonds and basil. Drizzle ½ T of honey onto the ingredients and season with a pinch of fleur de sal and pepper. (Pictured plated two different styles.)

Recipe by: CattyBoomBatty

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Food & Drink
The Benefits of Plums

SweatTheStyle_PlumsStone Fruit is officially in season and we are super excited about it! From cherries to peaches to plums, some of the sweetest, tastiest tree grown food are stone fruits. Of the three fruits, plums are the most unique. Plums contain a unique antioxidant that is effective at neutralizing a particularly harmful type of free radical. Plums are also a low-calorie fruit with a low glycemic index and contain useful amounts of vitamin C, which fortifies the body’s defenses against infection and increases the amount of energy-giving iron that we absorb from food.

Plums come in various colors ranging from black to purple, red, yellow, and everything in between. Plums are generally in season in the United States from the end of May all the way into October. California is the number one producer of plums in the United States and therefore ship plums all over the country. California plums start to ripen in late May and the season goes until around the start of September, so you have a few more months to enjoy as many plums as you can!

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