NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint

AdrianneHo_NARSVelvetSkinTint-3AdrianneHo_NARSVelvetSkinTint-4Everyday I look for new and exciting ways to stay fit, healthy, and active. To stay motivated I look for new textures to train on, whether it’s running on a track, jogging along the beach or hiking up a beautiful mountain. No matter if I’m in city, nature, or a new class; I’m constantly inspired by the textures of my environment to keep my workouts fresh and fun. With all my travels and training my body and face is under constant stress, especially my skin. Sweating in style is a constant in my life as natural beauty is a top priority so I’m always looking for new and innovative products that keep me looking great when I’m constantly on the go.

AdrianneHo_NARSVelvetSkinTint-2AdrianneHo_NARSVelvetSkinTintHaving versatile beauty products that are easy to apply, work in all settings, protect me from the elements, and allow the natural texture of my skin to show through is key for me. SweatTheStyle_NARS_VelvetMatteSkinTintNARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint is my go to for that reason. It’s charged with vitamins C, E, and broad spectrum SPF 30 to defend my skin against sun damage and keep it healthy. I apply it in the morning so I look my best whether I hit the gym or the hills. It’s matte finish controls oil and leaves my skin with velvety smooth touchable texture that lasts all day long.AdrianneHo_NARSVelvetSkinTint-6AdrianneHo_NARSVelvetSkinTint-5Although my daily makeup routine is fairly low maintenance applying NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint is an easy way for me to put my best face forward. It instantly improves my complexion while it also preserves and nourishes my skin for the long haul.SweatTheStyle_NARS_VelvetMatteSkinTint-2

We all want to look perfect, nobody wants to look fake. NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint blurs the appearance of imperfections while still allowing your natural complexion and skin textures to show through. Unlike traditional foundations, which can sometimes be cakey, it leaves skin feeling fresh with a soft matte finish. You get the “no make up” look while minimizing blemishes and uneven skin.AdrianneHo_NARSVelvetSkinTint-7AdrianneHo_NARSVelvetSkinTint-9 Being active is a huge part of my social life and I want a product that will allow me to be selfie ready even when I sweat. It also comes in 12 different shades to perfectly match all skin tones. Medium to sheer coverage allows for easy fool proof application. Ingredients like Rosefruit Extract minimize the appearance of pores over time while vitamins deliver antioxidant benefits which help prevent wrinkles and protect skin. The soft matte finish controls oil and shine for 8 hours while maintaining skins natural moisture barrier.SweatTheStyle_NARS_VelvetMatteSkinTint-3I started Sweat the Style to create an active lifestyle culture and brand devoted to fashionable fitness, natural beauty, positive health and real food. I’m dedicated to focusing on the progression and innovation of fitness and pure living. Everyday is a new opportunity to have fun  improving ourselves, our health, and the way we experience the world. AdrianneHo_NARSVelvetSkinTint-8Having a busy active lifestyle, like most women these days, I’m constantly demanding more from the clothes I wear, to the food I eat, to the beauty products I put on my skin. Aside from being fashionable, tasting good, or looking pretty they always need to be functional and improve my performance in life. NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint not only helps me look my best right now but also in the long run by protecting my skin and nourishing it.

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Food & Drink
Crunchmaster Multi-Grain Crackers

SweatTheStyle_CrunchMaster-2There’s always a point during the day that we want to snack and need to make the decision to go for the healthiest option. Crunchmaster Multi-Grain Crackers are perfect for a quick and easy option. They’re a delicious gluten-free alternative to processed wheat crackers.

They’re made with a combination of whole grain brown rice, corn, oat fiber, and a 4 seed blend. Since they come in a resealable bag they are easy to store in a school bag, car, pantry, or locker. They make a satisfying crunch with none of the fat or carbs of traditional crackers. Snack on them with avocados, tuna, dips, cheese, or on their own whenever you want. Crunchmaster Multi-Grain Crackers are oven baked and have 65% less fat than fried multi-grain tortilla chips.

Crunchmaster is a Sweat The Style go to with many other products worth checking out. They have a great story that we support.

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Sweat The Crew
Ashley Moore On The Come Up

SweatTheStyle_AshleyMoore-7Nowadays for a model to stay relevant you can’t just show up to castings and hope you book the job. You have to create your own world and one of the best at it is the beautiful Ashley Moore. With a healthy following the young model and up-and-coming actress has been featured on Sweat The Style before but now we catch up with her in sunny Los Angeles to get to know the girl behind the following.SweatTheStyle_AshleyMooreHow did you get started in modeling?
I started modeling almost 4 years ago. It wasn’t my plan but others told me I should try it out. So I convinced my mom to let me come to LA for at least two weeks to get signed and if I didn’t sign I would have to move back home to North Carolina. I ended up getting signed a week later to Nous Models, of course I went to visit other agencies but was turned down because of my height. I truly appreciate Nous for believing in me & bringing me on.SweatTheStyle_AshleyMoore-15We know you are spending most of your time in Los Angeles. Where else have you lived?
I have lived all over. Both of my parents were in the military; so I traveled a lot. Texas, Tennessee, Louisiana, St. Louis, North Carolina twice, & I was born in California Oceanside.SweatTheStyle_AshleyMoore-4What’s the importance of travel to you?
Experiencing different cultures, meeting new people & just seeing something I’ve never seen before. The world we live in is so beautiful & we should see & explore it.SweatTheStyle_AshleyMoore-2 What made you want to have Los Angeles as your base?
This is where I get most of my work & I also love the beautiful weather.SweatTheStyle_AshleyMoore-5Social media is playing a bigger role in the careers of models as well as the fashion and entertainment industry. Do you have any insight into how that has helped you or hurt your career?
It has definitely changed so much, good & bad. Having a large following helps because if you post they will pay you a crazy rate but also you don’t want your work to be based off of the following you have on IG or Twitter. I’m so much more than that.SweatTheStyle_AshleyMoore-10Where would you like to see your career going in the next few years?
I plan on being an actress, that’s my passion & what I’ve always wanted to do.SweatTheStyle_AshleyMoore-9Tell us about your day to day regime, workout, castings, shoots…
I like to wake up & have my coffee & read a little. I just started working out a lot more. Cardio & core. I go on a lot of auditions for roles now that I’m focused on acting and shoots are up & down.SweatTheStyle_AshleyMoore-8Tell us a little more about your workouts?
I workout about 4 times a week at my home gym. I listen to trap music to keep me going.SweatTheStyle_AshleyMoore-16What’s your favorite place to eat in Los Angeles?
Sugarfish or Chin Chin.SweatTheStyle_AshleyMoore-12What are some of your favorite brands?
Nike, Adidas, Topshop, Zara & Sweat Crew 🙂SweatTheStyle_AshleyMoore-13How would you describe your personal style?
It changes everyday.SweatTheStyle_AshleyMoore-17What advice do you have for young girls wanting to follow in your footsteps?
Never ever give up on your dreams. You WILL get told “no” so many times but I promise it will take one person to see all the potential you have and to believe in you. Never give up on something you’ve always wanted.

Ashley Moore wears:
Sweat Crew, Supreme, OVO, Palace, Alpha Industries, Schott, Timberland, & Nike

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Nike Air Tech Challenge II Hot Lava

AdrianneHo_SupremeTaxiDriver_SweatCrew-8 AdrianneHo_SupremeTaxiDriver_SweatCrew-4 AdrianneHo_SupremeTaxiDriver_SweatCrew-12A legend returns…
SweatTheStyle_NikeAirTechChallengeIIA Sweat The Style favorite for its rebellious nature and brilliant silhouette the Nike Air Tech Challenge II returns this Spring. The hot lava color way brings a splash of life to any look. A sneaker that transcended sport, specifically tennis, still looks just as good on court as it does on the street with its vibrant attitude.

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Acure Lip Lush Shmexy

AdrianneHo_SweatCrew_GoshaRubchinskiy-8 AdrianneHo_SweatCrew_GoshaRubchinskiy-9It’s not enough to be natural, it also has to work…
SweatTheStyle_Acure_LipLushAcure has a great line of lucious, lip smacking gloss with sheer color and attitude. Argan Oil, Echinacea, and Edelweiss Stem Cells help plump and protect the lips. And with all the favorite Sweat The Style beauty products, Acure is paraben free, gluten free, synthetic fragrance free, silicone free, and phthalate free.

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AdrianneHo_Undefeated_Nike_SuperBowl50Inspired by the past, present and future…
AdrianneHo_Undefeated_Nike_SuperBowl50-6 AdrianneHo_Undefeated_Nike_SuperBowl50-14The SB50 Nike Speed Destroyed Collection takes its cues from football culture, embodying Nike’s game changing innovation and the on/off field attitude that there is no finish line. A Sweat The Style favorite of the collection is the SB50 Nike Air Max 1 Ultra designed with metallic leather overlays and soft Air-Sole cushioning. Updated details of gold and black pay tribute to the biggest game of the them all.

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