AdrianneHo_Undefeated_Nike_SuperBowl50Inspired by the past, present and future…
AdrianneHo_Undefeated_Nike_SuperBowl50-6 AdrianneHo_Undefeated_Nike_SuperBowl50-14The SB50 Nike Speed Destroyed Collection takes its cues from football culture, embodying Nike’s game changing innovation and the on/off field attitude that there is no finish line. A Sweat The Style favorite of the collection is the SB50 Nike Air Max 1 Ultra designed with metallic leather overlays and soft Air-Sole cushioning. Updated details of gold and black pay tribute to the biggest game of the them all.

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Honest Beauty Magic Balm

AdrianneHo_SweatCrew_RiversideTennisLet’s be honest, it takes effort to to get that effortless look…

SweatTheStyle_HonestBeautyBalmIt’s hard work looking good and aside from eating healthy, drinking lots of water, and exercising; the ingredients in the products we use on our bodies can effect us in the long run. Fortunately many beauty and skincare brands like Honest Beauty are stepping it up. Their products don’t contain harmful parabens, gluten, silicones, petrolatum, synthetic fragrances, or dyes. Honest Beauty Magic Balm can be used for almost anything; from moisturizing lips, nail cuticles, creating dewy skin highlights on the cheekbones, and soften dry skin on your nose during the winter months. By using natural ingredients enriched with jojoba, chamomile, calendula, and tamanu; Honest Beauty makes it safe and easy to look your best everyday.

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NikeLab Air Force 1 Mid Vachetta Tan

AdrianneHo_PinkBomber-6 AdrianneHo_PinkBomber-3A high-end rendition of a classic…
SweatTheStyle_Nikelab_AirForceOne_TanThe NikeLab Air Force 1 gives an iconic design the ultimate premium update with deluxe materials and the addition of Phylon cushioning for lightweight, flexible comfort. The vachetta tan leather is a beautiful addition to the timeless silhouette. A Sweat The Style favorite for its clean aesthetic and iconic heritage.

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Stairway To Heaven

AdrianneHo_JoeFresh_b-6 AdrianneHo_JoeFresh_b-8Running stairs is a medium to high-intensity cardio workout that burns calories for energy. Your heart rate increases, your muscles work harder, and you’ll need more oxygen as you ascend and descend. For best results, run stairs in high-intensity, short-duration intervals. This will push your metabolism, meaning you’ll burn more calories, reducing excess weight… Running stairs benefits your cardiovascular health, develops muscle and is free.

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Sweat the Look
Feeling Fresh

AdrianneHo_JoeFresh_b-4AdrianneHo_JoeFreshAdrianneHo_JoeFresh-2AdrianneHo_JoeFresh_b-2AdrianneHo_JoeFresh_b-10AdrianneHo_JoeFreshStyle is a great motivator for staying active. Feeling good and looking fresh go hand in hand for me. I like to feel strong but still feminine and Joe Fresh has some great pieces this season that speak to my sensibility. I love a splash of color to balance the black which also keeps my body warm before breaking a stylish sweat.

Sweat Shirt: Joe Fresh
Tights: Joe Fresh

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