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Alter Eco Deep Dark Sea Salt Organic Chocolate

SweatTheStyle_AlterEgo_ChocolateI’m in love with the coco… sweet and salty treat! Deep Dark Sea Salt Organic Chocolate from Alter Eco has one of the best flavor combinations. Made with high quality Ecuadorian cocoa and hand harvested sea salt all the ingredients are non-GMO, vegan, contain no artificial flavors, and are fair trade. I love ending a savory meal with something sweet and this is a fantastic option. To top that off Alter Eco’s packaging is eco friendly and recyclable so you’re not creating junk for the earth or consuming junk for your body.

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Sweat The Crew
Chrissy Poon

SweatTheStyle_ChrissyPoon_2aSweatTheStyle_ChrissyPoon_7SweatTheStyle_ChrissyPoon_6SweatTheStyle_ChrissyPoon_1SweatTheStyle_ChrissyPoon_3Chrissy Poon is the definition of the Sweat The Style girl. Always rocking the freshest kicks and flyest gear with the sweetest personality. Today she does her HIIT workout in the heat of Eaton Canyon, Pasadena to get extra sweaty. She represents Undefeated, Sweat x Sweat The Style, and Nike. Never afraid to borrow from the boys, she’s the type that makes it look that much better.
Chrissy loves changing up her sweat routines between indoor gyms and outdoors, getting her adventure on in nature. She tries to push her limit in every workout. Her family motivates her, wanting to be healthy enough to make sure they stay healthy. She wants to be strong enough to always be active and be that “grandma” that can keep up with the grandchildren. And in order to do that her motto is, “you gotta start now!”

Who do you sweat?
The person I was yesterday.
What do you sweat?
I sweat my fears, my insecurities, and my frustrations.
Where do you sweat?
Sometimes at my private gym, but I also love to be outside under the sun hiking, or walking at night under the stars, both clear my head and settle my nerves.
When do you sweat?
Whenever I have the free time. I find it easier to keep sweat goals when I make them dates with friends.
How do you sweat?
Hiking, swimming, or weight training at TPE! I love Tabata, which is a HIIT exercise that only takes 20 minutes, which suites my schedule.
Why do you sweat?
I sweat for me, I want to be healthy for myself, and my loved ones around me.SweatTheStyle_ChrissyPoon_8

Martin Depict

Sweat with Chrissy on her Instagram and Twitter

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First Aid Beauty Purifying Mask

AdrianneHo_SweatTheStyle_Carbon38-7 A mask with a purpose…
SweatTheStyle_FirstAidBeauty_PurifiyingMask First Aid Beauty Purifying Mask is infused with red clay that detoxifies and purifies your complexion without stripping away your skin’s natural oils. The red clay gets in the skin to remove dirt and excess build up that causes clogged pores. It leaves your skin feeling like you got a full facial once you peel the mask away. It’s also free of parabens and safe for sensitive skin, which Sweat The Style loves.

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NikeLab Free Inneva

AdrianneHo_SweatTheStyle_Carbon38-13 AdrianneHo_SweatTheStyle_Carbon38-8

Innovation meets style in something exclusive for the ladies…
The Nike Free Inneva Woven has been a staple of Sweat The Style. Now things really heat up with the introduction of the NikeLab women’s version. The unique silhouette combines the woven construction of the original with the slim fitted nature of a leather Repetto. The vents create a sexy and breathable body with the comfort of the Free 5.0 sole.

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Sweat the Look
A Fine Line

AdrianneHo_SweatTheStyle_Carbon38-2AdrianneHo_SweatTheStyle_Carbon38-3AdrianneHo_SweatTheStyle_Carbon38-6AdrianneHo_SweatTheStyle_Carbon38-9AdrianneHo_SweatTheStyle_Carbon38-10AdrianneHo_SweatTheStyle_Carbon38-4The last days of Summer are often the hottest, that’s why added ventilation is key. These pieces from Carbon 38 provide just that with meshing along the panels of the tights and within the fabric of the bomber. A great way to stay cool while still covering up. All articles of clothing are available at Carbon 38.

Bomber Jacket: Alala
Sports Bra: Olympia
Running Tights: Michi
Sneakers: Nike

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On The Run

AdrianneHo_Supreme_LeopardHoodie-1After a long day of working whether it’s shooting, meetings, or being on set, sometimes the last thing you feel like doing is going for a run. It’s in those moments that it’s important to try to push. You may not run the farthest or fastest those days but just getting a quick sweat helps center yourself, decompress and prepare for tomorrow’s journey… You won’t regret it.

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